Oct 12, 2011
The 1st week of November we will head to California, to the PloneConf 2011 to be held in San Francisco. Mikel Larreategi and me, Lur Ibargutxi, will try to learn and contact with the community around several topics in the current development of Plone, our favorite open source CMS!

We are going to focus on five questions while at PloneConf.

  • Plone5 development. Looks like a new user interface is coming. Looking forward to learn more.
  • State of the three D's: Dexterity, Diazo and Deco. Three basic tools that help development.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 in Plone.
  • plone.app.discussion. The main tool to foster discussion and comments in Plone sites.
  • Future of Plone search. The searching capabilities of Zope (the foundation of Plone) are solid, but searching patterns of users have evolved with time and the possibility of integrating the Lucene/Solr open source searching machinery into Plone is to be considered in detail.

We hope that there will be also time to hangout a little bit with the community and have some beers! We'll be tweeting as well from our accounts @Libargutxi (Lur) and @Erralin (Mikel).

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