Copy this folder in your $INSTANCE_HOME/Products folder, install the products indicated by DEPENDENCIES.txt file and restart Zope.

You will have two extra products to add in the ZMI:

Bitakora Features

  • All templates and scripts are in the File System.
  • A user with a custom role called 'Blogger' and created with the product, can manage the blog without having access to the ZMI.
  • Epoz editor integrated.
  • Fully i18n-ed using Localizer. A MessageCatalog called 'gettext' can be found in each blog with the messages to translate. Basque (eu) and Spanish (es) translations are provided with the product (see locale directory). This MessageCatalog is deleted when creating blogs in a BitakoraCommunity, and blogs use the MessageCatalog in the community.
  • Full UTF-8 support, trying to avoid UnicodeDecodeErrors :)
  • All posts are indexed using TextIndexNG2, for providing quick and powerfull searches across the site.
  • Blog templates are clean XHTML, based on MovableType 3 templates.
  • Clean URLs and tag based categorization of posts.
  • Support of Pingback references
  • Automatic update ping to Pingomatic

BitakoraCommunity Features

  • All template and scripts are loaded into the ZMI during instantiation of the product, in the same way Squishdot does, to allow community managers to customize them.
  • Free creation of blogs, in a 3-step-Blogger-way.
  • Fully i18n-ed using Localizer. Basque (eu) and Spanish (es) translations are provided with the products (see locale directory).
  • Full indexing of blog posts for providing quick and powerfull searches on the blogs using TextIndexNG2.

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