CodeSyntax is a software company located in the Basque Country, Spain. We are dedicated to making the Internet a truly global experience through internationalization and localization services.

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Our principles


What do you want to achieve? Which is your goal? How can you get it? How to measure it? We can help you answering these and other questions


Digital projects might be focused on achieving a goal, and design should be oriented to it, taking care of the overall branding principles.

Open Source

Is the base of our work, due to phillosophical, economical and technology reasons. We can adapt to each situation, such as not so open development environments.


Python is our main programming language, and we are specialized in Zope, Plone and Django.

If you want to know us, see which services we offer, our latest projects or what we write on our blog.

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Azitain industrialdea 3K
E-20600 EIBAR
Basque Country - Spain
Tel: (+34) 943 82 17 80

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CodeSyntax is a different company, full of innovative and Internet expert people.

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