New configuration to log in in Plone using your Google Workspace account

Feb 23, 2024

Year and a half ago I wrote a blog post on how to configure Plone to allow login in using your company's Google Workspace account. There have been some improvements on the used product-stack and I will explain them in this post.


Log in in Plone using your Google Workspace account

Nov 04, 2022

Single Sign On services are very popular these days. It's very common to find web services where you can log in using your GitHub, Google or Apple accounts. But can we do the same in Plone and restrict the access to a given Google Workspace account?


How we have configured GitLab CI-CD with a private npm registry based on Verdaccio, to automatically release and update a Volto site

Mar 28, 2022

Last week we have been working in the automation process of building and shipping a Volto based website. In this post we will cover how we have configured Gitlab CI-CD and Verdaccio (an NPM-compatible registry) to automate the process of creating, publishing, building and shipping all required packages needed to publish a Volto site.


Content translation endpoint for plone.restapi

Nov 06, 2017

plone.restapi ships with content translations support endpoint since version 1.0a22. In this post I will explain the history behind this and the decisions taken to implement it.


Summary of Plone Conference 2017

Oct 23, 2017

It is hard to summarize an event like this year Plone Conference. The number of talks, events and trainings, and the quality of them make it hard to explain everything, but I will try to give an overview.


collective.documentviewer with redis backed celery tasks on Plone 4 and 5

Apr 06, 2017

collective.documentviewer integrates the Document cloud document viewer into Plone to provide a nice preview of files, including search, first-page-screenshots and many other features. In this post we will explain how to setup collective.documentviewer to use celery based tasks to convert the documents.


zest.releaser and some add-ons

Dec 15, 2014

For some time we have been using a script found in some plone svn repository (currently unreachable) to do proper egg releases, bump the egg version and upload them to pypi or our custom repository. But now we are moving to use zest.releaser for both public and private eggs. We have written two add-ons for it to ease our move from our previous hand-made-scripts.


Presenting Buildout at PySS 14

Sep 27, 2014

Buildout is a tool we use in all of the development and deployments of our applications, and we have given a talk about it at PySS 14.