Minority languages facing the Twitter tsunami

May 23, 2012

Attached to this post I present the short presentation that I gave at a panel last week in Bilbao. There was a seminar, "The Internet and the promotion of linguistic diversity", organised by the UNESCO Chair on World Language Heritage of the University of the Basque Country. And I was glad to meet representatives from Fryslan, Wales, Asturias, Aragon, and we also heard through videoconferecing about indigenous languages in Mexico and Maori in New Zealand.


The CMS that customers love: World Plone Day 2012

Apr 26, 2012

Yesterday, we hosted the World Plone Day 2012 in our offices, one of many events around the world to celebrate our favorite open source CMS. In this Basque Country meeting, users of Plone, webmasters of institutions that have Plone-powered sites, explained their experience.


World Plone Day in our office: Plone as experienced by our customers

Apr 18, 2012

World Plone Day will be on April 25th and, as in previous years, we will join the community effort trying to promote this great piece of free software, Plone, the leading open source CMS. Three customers of CodeSyntax, all of them with websites of international scope, will give first-hand accounts of their experiences with Plone.


Infographic visualizations for web communication, the case with Nestoria

Dec 09, 2011

Infographic visualizations are on the rise, as a way of communicating messages and brands on the web. Complex data arranged in a visually attractive way are good practice to spread messages virally on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr. Good infography is easy to catch in a moment, and the availability of a simple social object (an image), facilitates the action of sharing and virality.


Txio, ideal web tool for broadcasters (in minority languages, or otherwise)

Nov 30, 2011

Txio (tweet, in Basque) is a product developed by CodeSyntax for the website of EITB, the Basque public broadcasting company. It's an aggregator of tweets with interesting features: language detection, so it can channel messages in Basque or Spanish to different streams and interfaces, and also login options via Facebook and Twitter. The result is a tool that works both as a Live Blog for the news organization that EITB is, and also as a channel for comment and participation in developing events or live streaming occasions. One of those events is today, the MinoriTB meeting of TV Broadcasters in Minority Languages, held in Bilbao. See Txio in action there.


Ulma Packaging, 12 sites, 8 languages: international website deployment with Plone

Oct 27, 2011

Over the last months we have been displaying a series of websites for a local customer: Ulma Packaging. They're a cooperative industrial company building machinery to package food and other goods. They export and sell in several countries, so they needed a solid international web deployment, and that's what we've built for them.


Umap Cymraeg, Twitter aggregator in Welsh

Mar 01, 2011

It's been a month since we launched the 3rd version of Umap, the Welsh website Umap Cymraeg, an engine than aims to gather all tweets written in Welsh and build rich information upon that. We've been following its deployment and acceptance, and we're overwhelmed. With just 600 users at its launch, it's automated system has already detected almost double that number, and we are happy to see that Welsh users are praising the tool. It's not all merit of CodeSyntax, makers of Umap: a Welsh friend, Rhodri ap Dyfrig has helped this task greatly. Diolch.


Umap advances and extracts more intelligence from Twitter with the Catalan site Umap.cat

Nov 05, 2010

The second website of the Umap project is out, Umap.cat, in Catalan. Its aim is to collect all content that is generated in catalan on Twitter and process it in an intelligent way.