Umap advances and extracts more intelligence from Twitter with the Catalan site

Nov 05, 2010
The second website of the Umap project is out,, in Catalan. Its aim is to collect all content that is generated in catalan on Twitter and process it in an intelligent way.

Check and, particularly, its automated news service. That's more or less like or The Twitter Times, but instead of configuring a daily paper with the links shared by your own Twitter entourage, it processes the links of a whole language community, the Catalan users of Twitter, in this case (updates every 10 minutes).

This is the second website of the Umap project. The first was, in Basque. More are expected to come, and we just opened a page as a central hub for all Umap, You may follow that one in Twitter, as well, @UmapCentral.

Umap will advance further, with new capabilities to better process the realtime stream of information that Twitter can offer. National or linguistic communities, or other large-scale sets of Internet users, can be tracked and analyzed by Umap. We're open to collaboration.


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Luistxo Fernandez

Project manager.