New website for DIPC - Donostia International Physics Center

Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) is a research institution whose mission is to conduct leading edge research in physics and related disciplines, as well as to convey scientific culture to society. Excellence in Science and Excellence in Communication are their objectives, and to help them achieve them we have collaborated in developing their new web platform.

New website for the Basque Summer University

We have updated the website of the Basque Summer University, both technically and aesthetically. Using the CMS Plone 6 and Volto.

Ulma Architectural, a website in constant improvement

We have recently carried out and continue to work on different services for our client Ulma Architectural. We appreciate the trust that the client has placed in us with the aim of keeping the web alive and always with the hope of improving.

New website for Deba City Council

We have updated the web platform of the Deba City Council, using the CMS Plone 6 and Volto.

Other projects

REMAKING Project: Remote-working multiple impacts in the age of disruptions

REMAKING project aims to analyze how remote working affects individuals, in companies or oganisations and in the socio-economic sphere, specifically along four case studies: enforced migration workers, digital nomads, post-pandemic workers and High-Tech skilled workers.

ULMA Begira, news from the ULMA industrial Group

We have collaborated in the development and launch of the digital version of the ULMA BEGIRA magazine, Begira ULMA´s LATEST, that includes the news of the ULMA Industrial Group. The CMS or Content Management System used to bring the information to the Internet has been PLONE.

KANALDUDE TV, new website

We have developed the website for Kanaldude, a television in Basque language from the French Basque Country, in collaboration with Aldudarrak Bideo. Among other things, visual quality and viewing options have been improved.

INCA Project: Increase corporate political responsibility and accountability

INCA project aims to analyze how the corporate power of GAFAM (in reference to Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft) is influencing wider aspects of our societies, specifically along three dimensions: politics, economy, and public opinion.

TuLankide 2020

TuLankide is the website that gathers all the news about Mondragon Corporation and its companies. We've worked on the new website with the open source CMS Plone.


LOWINDOOD is an initiative that looks for innovative solutions to solve the food waste problem. We've designed and developed its website, using the CMS Wordpress.

FoodLAND Africa: FOOD and Local, Agricultural and Nutritional Diversity

FoodLAND project aims to develop, implement and validate innovative, scalable and sustainable technologies aimed at supporting the nutrition performance of local food systems in Africa, while strengthening agro-biodiversity and food diversity as well as diversity of healthy diets.

Baltistan Foundation

Baltistan Fundazioa is an NGO of international cooperation for development that works in Baltistan, Pakistan. We've designed and developed the new website using Plone as CMS

Debabarrena turismo

Debabarrena turismo is the website that aims to promote the tourism of the region. During the renovation process we have worked on a new design, a new technical environment and the content importation 2019

We've renewed Basque Cultural Institute's website. Besides working on a new look&feel for the website, we've also built a new technical environment, importing all the contents to Plone's latest version

ULMA Architectural

This has been another project performed for a company of the ULMA Group. The main goal of the project was showing the different business lines of the company, besides getting new potential leads. The website has been developed using Plone

Maixa Zugasti

Maixa Zugasti is a Basque language writer and we have just launched her new website. This new website offers information about the author's biography, published books and texts. We have performed the development using Wordpress.