After Welsh success with Cwis Bob Dydd, a Catalan launch: Un Cop Al Dia

Feb 23, 2023

CodeSyntax launched Egunean Behin, a Basque quiz app, 4 years ago and it's still a success (50.000 daily players). Last year, we developed the Welsh version Cwis Bob Dydd, which has just completed a 16-week run with great acceptance. Now it's the turn of a 3rd language version: Un Cop Al Dia (catalan).


Twitter will be able to detect and markup Basque, in collaboration with PuntuEUS and CodeSyntax

Jun 19, 2015

Thanks to a collaboration with the PuntuEUS Foundation, the Twitter social network has taken the leap to the .EUS domain, which is the expression of the Basque language community. Moreover, thanks to data provided by CodeSyntax, Twitter will soon be able to identify tweets written in Basque.


World Plone Day 2014: manufacturing internationalization strategy

May 05, 2014

World Plone Day was last wednesday, april the 30th, and as in previous occasions, we did celebrate it at CodeSyntax's offices, with some customers and Plone users of the Basque Country.


Journey to Brussels, thanks to our MEP and Plone

Dec 05, 2013

Last week, I traveled to the European Parliament in Brussels, invited by a Basque MEP, Inaki Irazabalbeitia. Mr. Irazabalbeitia was kind enought to invite a group of people involved in the promotion of the Basque langauge, and I happened to fit there, maybe also because we have made the MEP's website. And made it with truly European technology, so to speak.


Basque trends, content and user rankings in Twitter: Umap

Apr 16, 2013

What is trending in Basque in Twitter? Twitter itself has not the answer. Although in the latest city deployment of Twitter trend locations there is Bilbao there (main Basque city), still it's not a good measure of our community. As a matter of fact, looks like Twitter only treats TT's geographically, not by language. Well, we built that tool for Basque:, tracking Basque trends, content and users in Twitter.

+, robot curation for news aggregation

Jan 30, 2013

It's been three weeks since we launched, a news aggregator for Spain. Yesterday, I had the chance to speak about it at a the Master in Digital Journalism at IE Business School in Madrid, invited by professor Enrique Dans. Here's the presentation and some lines about Niagarank.


Inspiring talks, European languages and technology

Oct 23, 2012

The Euskarabildua conference recently held in Donostia (the Basque Country) was an occasion to talk about Lesser Used Languages and technology. Inspiring talks by Davyth Hicks from the Eurolang network and Albert Cuesta from Catalonia.


Nestoria News, automated service based in Twitter, follows property news in the UK

Jun 07, 2012

Yesterday we opened two applications, two automatic news services, Nestoria News UK following the real estate news, and Noticias Kisale, about cycling in Spain. Both are based on Twitter, ranking users according to expertise in a certain area, and both are fully automated.