A customized digital platform for local media

Jan 26, 2016
It is been years since we started to work in the Internet sector and the media: we created the pioneer blog in Basque called Sustatu.com along with Goiena, we have been years collaborating with Goiena, as well as many other media.

Late in 2013, we published the digital platform Tokikom after several months of work. This central platform has allowed us to develop the websites of the media partners of Tokikom. The development is made using the Django framework, written in Python.

Keys of the central digital platform

The largest local media in Basque could turn to be small compared with other media. Finding an own website and development for each of them can mean a significant effort and great investment. In that sense, it was decided to make a common development; such common development ensures the flow of information and the possibility to go adding different functionalities as the need arises. That's what Tokikom's Central Digital Platform is.

At the time when Tokikom was created, the features and basic modules for this central development were defined, and we still continue adding functionalities and new modules to the mentioned platform.

Two new media

2016 has begun with two new media using the central digital platform of Tokikom. This has helped us to look back and make a list with the media that use it:

And this list will grow soon.


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