LIBRECON 2022 Conference. Reinventing Openess. A recap.

Dec 11, 2022

One more year LIBRECON has closed consolidating itself as an indispensable and reference event in the technology sector. The conference has brought together for two days more than 1,200 people, professionals, companies, and organizations related to open technologies, to whom from ESLE and CODESYNTAX we thank their presence and participation.


Welsh quiz app Cwis Bob Dydd launched, a version of our Basque app Egunean Behin

Nov 09, 2022

Cwis Bob Dydd (Quiz Every Day) has been developed for Wales following the succesful steps of Egunean Behin, a mobile game/app created by CodeSyntax in 2019 that nowadays gathers 60.000 daily players.


CodeSyntax will host PloneConf 2023 in the Basque Country

Oct 18, 2022

The annual meeting of Plone developers and companies, PloneConf 2022, was carried with great success in Namur (Belgium) last week. CodeSyntax was there and we could gladly make the announcement for next year's summit: we will organize the 2023 PloneConf International Conference in the Basque Country.