May 08, 2024
Today at CodeSyntax, we welcomed vocational education teachers from Denmark, Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands in an organized visit as part of the Erasmus+ program. Their goal is to learn about our work and better understand the experience their students can have with us.

We had a special day at CodeSyntax's headquarters with the visit of a group of vocational education teachers from Denmark, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands as part of the Erasmus+ program. This program promotes exchange and collaboration within the European Union in the fields of education, training, youth, and sport. The purpose of this visit was for the teachers from the centers that work with us, or might in the future, to get to know our company and our working methodologies. This knowledge will help them better prepare for the experiences their students may have with us or other companies in the future.

So, the corridors of CodeSyntax were abuzz with the spirit of international cooperation and learning, as we welcomed this delegation of vocational education teachers from across Europe. 

At CodeSyntax, we develop software, web development, applications, and engineering systems using various open technologies, including the Python language and related frameworks like Zope, Plone, and Django, as well as PHP, Java, JavaScript, React, etc. Today's visit aimed to show the teachers the reality of our daily work and how we prepare technological projects for clients and entities from different sectors.

The group visited our facilities and on some specific projects, our team provided explanations, showcasing the new solutions and advanced technologies we are developing. Thus, the international teaching team received a broader and deeper insight and could better understand the experience their students may have with us in the future.

Mikel Larreategi, a member of the Plone Foundation, accompanied and guided the European teachers during their visit to our office. The representation of the centers that joined us today included:

This visit aimed not only to showcase our work; we also sought to strengthen ties and explore possibilities for future collaboration. Establishing relationships with vocational education teachers and educational centers is important for our ongoing learning and innovation process, so we can better adapt our skills and services in the future.

Furthermore, through the Erasmus+ program, our company has had the opportunity to be and know an active part of the European educational network, enriching the cultural and knowledge diversity. This program facilitates exchanges among students and workers, which enhances our global vision and the diversity of educational practices.

Consequently, today's visit was rich and successful, and we hope that similar initiatives will be repeated in the future, solidifying the relationship between our company and the educational community. Programs like Erasmus+ are an essential tool in developing our company's international profile and improving the competencies of professionals and students.

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