Jun 12, 2015
Tribual is a simple and addictive game for Android mobile devices. You and your opponent receive the same 5 questions, and the trick is to answer more of them correctly and faster than your opponent. The app has thousands of questions, which are automatically generated and cover a wide variety of topics (geography, culture, film, sports, fauna, current events, etc.). The game was first released as a Beta version in Basque, and it has been downloaded over 1,500 times. It was awarded the GipuzkoaAPPs prize for most original application.

CodeSyntax presents “Tribual”, a trivia quiz application now available in Spanish, English and Basque. The goal is to internationalize the app and increase its difficulty. To that end other languages have been added along with more levels and questions to keep things interesting for users.

The game, created by CodeSyntax, is a simple question and answer game: you answer 5 questions as quickly as possible, and you have to do better than your opponent. You receive points when you win and points are taken from you when you lose, and players are ranked based on total points.

Tribual entered its test phase a few months ago, and having received many positive evaluations by users, a second version is now being released; there are now more questions, technical improvements and the addition of a multilingual platform (for the moment the available languages are Spanish, English and Basque), with the goal of expanding the game to international markets.

Since it was made available on Google Play, Tribual has been downloaded 1,400 times. The game is highly addictive; more than 1,100 active users have played more than 280,000 games or match-ups, which is an average of 245 games per active user.

One of the key aspects that makes CodeSyntax different is the attention paid to strategy and technical development. With Tribual our goal has been to create a powerful technical infrastructure from the beginning. An example of the effort that went into the question generation process (currently there are 130,000 questions), noting that the large number of questions covering a wide range of topics is one of the distinctive aspects of Tribual that users will enjoy. Questions are automatically generated from a variety of online sources and applications, such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Google Maps and Panoramio.

The question topics are very broad, from simple mathematical operations to questions about general culture, science, sports, people of international interest, regional and world geography, etc. The game also gives the user the option to play with the groups or “Tribes” that they are most interested in, such as geography or mathematics.

In the medium term, the goal is to create more of these categories or Tribes, as well as increase the number of questions in order to attract more users and so users can play in more match-ups. Once the multilingual platform is in place, versions in other languages will be added.

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