Oct 18, 2022
The annual meeting of Plone developers and companies, PloneConf 2022, was carried with great success in Namur (Belgium) last week. CodeSyntax was there and we could gladly make the announcement for next year's summit: we will organize the 2023 PloneConf International Conference in the Basque Country.

Plone is one of the main CMS (content management system) platforms in the realm of free software, probably the most used among the CMS based on Python the programming language. PloneConf is a global meeting of developers of this technology. After two years in which it was held online due to the Covid pandemic, it was face to face again in 2022 in Namur, Belgium. At the end of the conference, last weekend, CodeSyntax proudly announced that it will host the next conference, PloneConf 2023 Basque Country, next year.

CodeSyntax is a free software company, founded in the small city of Eibar (the Basque Country) and develops mainly Python based projects. General purpose websitses with Plone CMS, we are also specialized in the advanced Volto frontend infrastructure, and we also do Django, the powerful ad-hoc development framework.

Plone is a strong CMS suitable for all kinds of organizations. If you want to publish content, product catalogs and information directly on the web. Plone sites are multilingual and robust websites. The CMS has turned 20, and since 2003 the developer and company ecosystem around Plone has held annual conferences called PloneConf. The first was in New Orleans, USA, in 2003.Then Washington DC, Viena, Berlin, San Francisco, Naples or Tokyo have hosted the event. So, it's quite a challange to be the next ones.

CodeSyntax has participated annually since the 2007 conferences in Naples. In 2020 and 2021 the conferences were telematic due to the pandemic, but in October 2022, 200 professionals gathered again in Namur, Belgium.

CodeSyntax sent a delegation of six developers to Namur PloneConf 2022. There they are in the picture, frontline with Nagore Ruiz de Escudero and Mikel Larreategi (i18n responsible in the Plone Foundation), and behind standing from left, Unai Etxaburu, Ion Lizarazu, Lur Ibargutxi and Gorka Fernandez. In addition to participating in the development sessions, the news was announced: PloneConf 2023 will be hosted in the Basque Country. Although the final location is yet to be determined, for the time being we call it PloneConf Basque Country, and the date is also unspecified: it will be in October or November 2023.

This is an excellent opportunity to have a first-class free software event in the Basque Country, and a challenge for CodeSyntax. Our 2023 aims have a clear goal now, make PloneConf 2023 Basque Country a great success.

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