Feb 23, 2011
DonEdukia is a new Plone object type. It's basically a container page. It works like a standard Page in Plone, but it's folderish, so we can put objects inside. It's a great object to build easily big content trees.

Prehistory of multilingual CMSs

Some years ago, when we started building websites with Zope, we used Folders and LocalContent objects from Localizer to build our content tress.

LocalContent objects were written by our friend JDavid and they basically consisted on a title/body object editable in various languages. Underneath there was a complex language-negotiation system that decided which version was the correct one based on the user's request.

So we used to create content trees with Folders and put always LocalContent objects inside, which worked as frontpage for every Zope Folder. Tree creation was quite tedious work, as we had to create Folders and LocalContent objects again and again.

DonEdukia was born

We thought why there wasn't a Folder that could bring just a title and boy field, as it would simplify the content creation.

So we wrote the class DonEdukia, which is a mixin class that could be named "Folderish LocalContent". It inherited from Localizer's LocalPropertyManager class and made it folderish.

So, what we had was a page object with title and text body, but it could contain other objects inside, like images, files or other objects like itself.

It's been a great solution for years, as it let us create very easily big content trees inside Zope. In fact, DonEdukia is still working in some of our sites that haven't been upgraded.

DonEdukia in Plone

When we started with Plone, the situation was similar: we used to create content trees with Plone Folders and then used to add content object to act as default view for these Folders. So, we decided that we needed a DonEdukia for Plone.

So, now you can download and give a try to DonEdukia. You can download it in our Products section:


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