Nov 17, 2018
In November 2018, the Euroregion New Aquitaine - Navarre - Euskadi hosts two important events on free software and open technologies: November 6 - 7 in Bordeaux B-BOOST Open Source International Convention (Business Opportunities with Open Source Technologies) and November 21 - 22 in Bilbao, LIBRECON Powered by CEBIT, the reference international event in the south of Europe of the open technologies sector applied to strategic sectors of the economy. CodeSyntax, our company, and ESLE, our open source association, will be present at both successful events.

In fact, the celebration of B-BOOST in Bordeaux (Nouvelle Aquitanie) and LIBRECON Powered by CEBIT in Bilbao (Basque Country) have positioned the Euroregion NAEN (New Aquitaine - Navarre - Euskadi), which take part of the European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation, and especially both twin cities - Bilbao and Bordeaux -  as a point of reference for Open Source software and open technologies in whole Europe.

Last week, on November 6 and 7, from CodeSyntax and ESLE we had the opportunity to participate in the first edition of the B-BOOST Open Source International Convention, held in Bordeaux at the Palais de la Bourse. The event programmed  a powerful schedule: an exhibition space and conferences on 2 consecutive days, networking, a hackathon on open models and cancerology, so 30 hours to create and innovate and other 4 thematic days about Agriculture, Drones, Mobility, and Open Transport.

Eneko Astigarraga at Bordeaux B-BOOST Convention

Approximately 800 people attended the Convention, more than 70 conferences with a 30% of international presence, interesting exhibition spaces, round tables, brokerage events, ... could be a quick summary of a productive Bordeaux B-BOOST Convention.  CodeSyntax was present with an exhibition stand in the expo, and I gave a talk on November 7: "Open source to the future of Industry 4.0, the Basque case" ("L’open source au futur de l'industrie 4.0, le cas basque").

LIBRECON Powered by CEBIT. BILBAO, 21 - 22 November.

Next week, November 21 and 22, our next step: we will be at the event that we organize in Bilbao, at Euskalduna Conference Centre, the LIBRECON Powered by CEBIT, the reference international event in the south of Europe of the open technologies sector applied to strategic sectors of the economy.

LIBRECON Presentation event

And once again CodeSyntax and ESLE will have an active presence at the LIBRECON conference, whose last edition held in Bilbao brought together more than 1,500 attendees. The event is organized by ESLE, Association of  Open Source and Open Knowledge Companies of Basque Country, and CEBIT - Deutsche Messe, a prestigious German entity in the organization of congresses and trade fairs.

"LIBRECON powered by CEBIT" was created by ESLE and CEBIT, as a new International Open Source event and as global barometer of the information technologies and open knowledge: Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Machines, Future Mobility, Digital Transformation or Cybersecurity.

CodeSyntax is a partner of LIBRECON and it will be at the expo space. Meet us on exhibition stand number 11, you are invited to visit us. Our team will make you feel really welcome.

But at the same time, on Novembre 21th, our workmate Mikel Larreategi will be on the main room, the INSPIRATION SPACE, talking about Sharing and Reuse of IT Solutions in Public administration in a round table as a representative of OpenApps Euskadi, the Basque Country iniciative supporting and enabling Basque public administrations to share and reuse IT solutions in order to provide electronic services to citizens, organizations and companies, and uploading apps to the OpenApps Euskadi repository, linked with the CTT, (the Spanish Technology Transfer Centre), a Portal for the dissemination and reuse of technical solutions (services, developments, infrastructure, policy, semantic assets, etc.) of interest for the development of the electronic administration.

OpenApps Euskadi repository

On the other hand, Gari Araolaza, our CTO at CodeSyntax, will be as moderator in the TECH Space,  where the latest developments recorded by open source in strategic areas of the economy, such as industry, public administrations and finance will be discused. There will mainly be two types of presentations: Business cases, or cases of implementation of open source projects in various sectors and workshops which encourage the exchange of knowledge. For instance, Gari will introduce us to companies such as Goo Apps, Librebit, Liferay, OpenSistemas or Mimacom, and their cases.

Finally, I will be myself as President of ESLE, Association of  Open Source and Open Knowledge Companies of the Basque Country,  at the Stage for the inaugural act of the eighth edition of the event on 21st, for the closing ceremony on 22nd, and probably running all out from one place to  another on the both days, taking care of the conference :-D

Save the date, and meet us at LIBRECON Powered by CEBIT!



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