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Oct 30, 2009
A quick write-up of the geo-open space session held at Plone Conference

Giorgio Borelli presented collective.geo.* the collection of libraries to integrate geo-information in any Plone content-types.

They use OpenLayers to show the data in the maps not to bind to Google Maps.

They use zgeo.* packages as base-products, so collective.geo.* are mainly plone intregation layers.

I have presented Tagzania a social mapping application and also explained the use of Geonames to geocode names.

We have also talked about other Plone products that provide map integration like Products.maps, and when asked about that, Giorgio has told us that he didn't want to stick always to Google Maps, so he developed this product that uses OpenLayers, and also that Products.maps doesn't support lines or polygons.

If I missed something, please post a comment! Photos tomorrow or on sunday, the USB cable is in my hotel room :(

Antonio Sagliocco (kalymero)
Oct 30, 2009 06:30 PM
if it can be useful, i used collectice.geo.* with MapServer delivering maps from raster images and postgis databases.


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