Dec 09, 2011
Infographic visualizations are on the rise, as a way of communicating messages and brands on the web. Complex data arranged in a visually attractive way are good practice to spread messages virally on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr. Good infography is easy to catch in a moment, and the availability of a simple social object (an image), facilitates the action of sharing and virality.

We have started in a project involving visualizations for Nestoria a real-estate search engine based in London. We have done a couple of Nestoria Data visualizations over the last weeks, and we hope we will continue to do more in the future..

For the first visualization (the blue one above, right) we focused on vote data from the last general election is Spain, held in November 20th. The second example, the green one, is a comparison between Barcelona and Madrid, mixed with football data as the main football teams from the Spanish Liga, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, clash this weekend. This football thing just gave some coincidences in tendencies, but we suppose they're just product of chance :)

The election data held more pronise, perhaps. We looked at results in various cities, and decided to go with Madrid (victory of conservative PP there was remarkable over the leftist PSOE). We checked the data againts the stats provided by the API at Nestoria and we draw conclusions. One thing was clear, and perhaps, it was to be expected: the more expensive a certain area is in the city, the greatest the advantage of the Mariano Rajoy's PP over the socialist party. Up to 50 percent point ahead in some districts.

This two charts and other data were arranged in a big vertical visualizations. You can browse Pinterest to see more examples like this one. There is also a specific site,, devoted to this big infographics. A fascinating little world in itself.

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