Jun 20, 2011
Nonick is an international congress on Internet trends, which is organised by EITB, the Basque public broadcasting service. This year's edition, focused on mobile, was held this past weekened in Bilbao, and CodeSyntax was present there. This is sort of a chronicke for the event.

Last weekend was the 3rd edition of Nonick Conference in Eitb headquarters in Bilbao. Nonick Conference is an international conference on Internet trends.

The main subject of the congress was the mobile world, and we heard many quality keynotes about that.

Taksiko from Serbia, won the Startup 2.0 competion.

All in all I would highlight the following keynotes:

Tristan Nitot (Mozilla Europe president)

Developing for desktop is hard: many OS, many development tools, many APIs.

Developing for mobile apps is harder: many OS, many diferent devices, APIs, Appstores...

For these reasons the Web is the platform of choice: Apps run in all devices, and is easier to distribute apps to users.

Appstores vs Websites: Appstores bring discoverability and monetization but lack the openness of the Web.

For all those reasons: The web is the way.

Jed Alpert (CEO MobileCommons):

Every action, reaction or interaction tells you more.

The best way to speak to a person is to listen him.

Brad Cohen (Director of strategy at Jess3.com):

The bigger your community, the faster it can grow.

If you are not building your communities, then the world is moving away from you.

Build quality content, use quality products.

Create the right social object for your community.

Provide it to them with the fewest posible barriers and the greatest number of incentives to share with others.

Create a reason to return or continiously engage.

Russel Buckley:

The mobile will do to the PC what the PC did to the mainframe.

Evolution of mobile advertising: From SMS texting to advertising videos, or advertising on aumented reality.

Jason Titus (Shazam entertainment):

Shazam is the fourth most downloaded app of all time.

Shazam has 130 million users and adds up 1.2 million weekly.

Shazam has 2 billion songs tagged and users tag 4 million songs dayly.

Shazam's next feature: Real time lyrics.

The mobile will be the platform for the interactive TV.

Here you can see the tweets of the conference.

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