May 04, 2022
Since 2014 CodeSyntax has been a sponsor of the largest conference of the Python community in Spain, PyConEs, and we are excited to announce that this year 2022 we are collaborating with Python España Association in order to sponsored the PyCamp Spain in Girona (April 2022) and the 2022 PyConES Conference in Granada (Sept 2022).

We wanted to take this opportunity to share why Python is so dear to our hearts and the ways we contribute to the Spaniard Python community.

The meteoric rise of Python over the last few years is impressive. Python's expansion has been driven primarily by the growth of data science and by its long history and use in web development, education, task automation…, and a careful balance of the language's productivity with ease-of-use. Python is also used for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, data analysis. data visualization …

Moreover, Python is our favorite programming language in our web development works, it is at the back-end of our Django’s projects, our Plone multilingual websites or our APPs back-end as well.

Thus, Python, a language very used in our company, with a strong emphasis on developer needs and aligns closely with our activities.


On the other hand, the Python community is a diverse community that prides itself in being inclusive. For instance. PyLadies or Django Girls are international mentorship groups which focus on helping more women become active participants in the Python open-source community. PyCamp is an event to get together to program and have fun during the weekend. The people who attend propose Open Source projects they want to work on during these days (or some crazy idea they want to implement) and the rest sign up to collaborate and work on those projects.

PyConES is the largest conference of the Python community in Spain, where professionals and enthusiasts of the language meet to spread their experience and knowledge in various sessions of talks and workshops. This year 2022 will be held in Granada. more information

That is why we are proud to be long-time sponsors of Python España events ( like PyconES 2014 in Zaragoza, PyconES 2015 in Valencia, PyconES 2016 in Almeria, PyconES 2017 in Caceres, Django Girls Caceres, PyconES 2018 in Malaga, PyconES 2019 in Alicante, PyconES 2020 Pandemic Edition, the last PyconES 2021 Vaccine Edition, and the next PyconES 2022 in Granada, or the new PyCampEs in Girona the 15 - 18 April 2022.


Get started with Python today!

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