Oct 28, 2010
This blog post wants to be a summary of some talks I have attended at Plone Conference 2010

As usual we have seen a lot of interesting talks these days in Bristol, these are the interesting ones I attended and some other things I've seen here :)


Alex Limi and Alan Runyan explained the process of the revolution Plone 5 will bring to us and the evolution that we will se in the upcoming Plone 4 series until we reach Plone 5. This evolution includes Deco, Diazo (the new name for xdv) or Dexterity based content types. We will also see packaging and deployment improvements mainly thanks to WSGI adoption by Zope.

And finally a general advice: be ready for Plone 5: clean up things right in Plone 4.x

Enterprise search using SOLR

Calvin Hendryx-Parker explained how they have developed a ZCatalog index (not Plone specific) to index Plone content in SOLR and get results from there

Loose weight now, ask me how!

Roché Compaan from Upfront System, explained that Plone catalog is used for many tasks that is not suited for such as preparing navigation, portal tabs and so. He aims to replace those parts with other implementation to get Plone faster, because it will only use Catalog for searches. upfront.diet is the product for that.

How not to develop with Plone

Lennart Regebro explained common pitfalls in Plone development, and how to avoid them and presented collective.blog.star a way to avoid some of the explained pitfalls creating a Plone product without adding contenttypes, strange interfaces, ...

Tools and techniques for a successful Plone project

Martin Aspeli explained what tools he uses to develop Plone projects and also presented a preview of his book "Profesional Plone 4 Development", the update of his previous successful book.

From the Client-Side: JavaScript in Plone

Steve McMahon showed the status of JavaScript in Plone, how more and more jQuery is used for everything, the last thing is the pop-up overlays for example, and how KSS will be deprectaed for Plone 5.

The art of integrating Zope with Web Services

David Glick showed the power of Python to connect to diferent types of web services (XML-RPC, SOAP, RESTful services) and how to avoid common problems.

Oops I Deployed It Again

Dylan Jay presented collective.hostout a collection of Fabrik and buildout recipes to easily deploy buildouts in remote servers

Lightning talks

Lightning talks sessions are the most interesting ones, in which everyone has learnt a lot at all Plone Conferences.


David Glick has created a new content-type through the web using Dexterity on only 5 minutes and exported to the file system for re-use. Awesome!

Diazo in action

Denis Mishunov has shown how they tamed the beast to look like the Plone site they are using.


Dimitris Moraitis showed the collection of collective.transcoder products to transcode videos into other formats, fully configurable through-the-web. You can now build your own YouTube easily in Plone (we are currently using it in a project and it's awesome!)


Jeins Klein presented a Mac Finder like browser for Plone!

Plone in Japan

We all greated Manabu Terada for his 40th birthday! He presented his work on Plone in Japan and commented some bugs of Plone with double-byte languages

Ok, that's all folks. Now we have the beers-and-pies party. So, see you there or tomorrow at the OpenSpaces sessions!

You can follow everything that happens at the Plone Conference on Twitter, and browse the slides at Slideshare and watch some videos in Blip.



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