Sponsoring EuroPython 2015

Jul 13, 2015
15 years ago when my colleagues founded CodeSyntax they decided to develop on Python. That's why when we heard that our PYSS friends were organizing EuroPython in Bilbao the decision about sponsoring the event was clear. Apart from that, we'll also give a talk about our experience as Python developers.

EuroPython 2015 will start next Monday and Bilbao will be the centre of the Python world, indeed. Since we have already sponsored other Python events previously, and this one is at "home", deciding to sponsor EuroPython was an easy choice.

Sharing our Python experience

When my colleagues Eneko, Luistxo and Gari founded CodeSyntax in 2000 they did some research of programming languages. The aim of the company was creating great multilingual websites and they decided Python was the best choice. Since then, almost all of our projects have been developed in Python (Zope, Plone, Django, etc.).

My colleague Mikel Larreategi will share all this experience on Europython and we hope you'll enjoy it.

Have a look at EuroPython's schedule and you'll find lots of interesting talks. You're still on time for registring and joining us.

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