Jan 26, 2013
From January 24 to 27, I've come to Munich (Germany) to participate in the Plone Wine and Beer Sprint, organized simultaneously in Cape Town (South Africa) and Munich.

Some weeks ago, Ramon pong me on IRC and told me about this sprint. The idea was to have a simultaneous sprint in the northern and southern hemisphere and to push forward the development of Plone. The Wine and Beer Sprint. He also told me that he and Victor will be there to work on the final release of plone.app.multilingual.

Since the begining of the project, Ramon always has informed us about the progresses they have made to this package, specially in their support of Dexterity content-types, because the currently de-facto standard for multilingual content in Plone, LinguaPlone, did not support Dexterity. We always have been very interested on p.a.m because almost every site we publish is multilingual and we needed a tool to have translated content with Dexterity.

So, we didn't think much, and I took a flight on thursday morning in Bilbao, and was at noon in Munich. The city was covered by snow and it was very cold, but all the organizing team made us a warm welcome. The sprint was to be held in Syslab offices.

We started discussing the current issues of p.a.m and also the future directions, having an eye on the PLIP 13091, which was proposed by Ramon some months ago, and wants to include p.a.m in the Plone Core to have an OOTB solution for multilingual content. Our goals were clear: provide a migration path from LinguaPlone and make the 1.0 release of p.a.m which would work on Plone 4.2 and 4.3.


After 3 days of hard work by Ramon, Victor, Wolfgang and myself we can say that we have achieve all our goals. Yay!!!!! We have now a shiny 1.0rc1 release of plone.app.multilingual and it works both on Plone 4.2 and 4.3; both with Archetypes and Dexterity and provides and migration mechanism from LinguaPlone. We also have tests, and a Jenkins job was configured to have them run every day in the Plone's Jenkins instance.

But the work is not finished yet. We need to have p.a.m in as much languages as posible, so please, go to GitHub and provide translations for your own language. With those translations, Ramon will release the 1.0 version in the coming weeks. We have also started the work of PLIP 13091. This PLIP wants to integrate p.a.m as the OOTB solution for multilingualism in Plone in the near future.

But not only did we work in p.a.m. Many other topics were discussed, developed and also released during the sprint. And not only in Munich but also in Cape Town. If you want to have a look to all the discussed items, please look at the Titanpad prepared for that.

Everything is not finished yet, we have all sunday morning to push the final results to the Titanpad.

My experience

The experience of coming to Munich and participating in this sprint has been great for me!! I have learned a lot in this days, and helped to have this multilingual tools available for every one. Tools that we will use everyday at CodeSyntax, due to our presence in a bilingual country.

Thanks everyone, Ramon, Victor, Worlfgang, Alex, Timo, Philip and many others who have helped us in this p.a.m project and also who made this Wine and Beer Sprint possible.

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