Apr 26, 2012
Yesterday, we hosted the World Plone Day 2012 in our offices, one of many events around the world to celebrate our favorite open source CMS. In this Basque Country meeting, users of Plone, webmasters of institutions that have Plone-powered sites, explained their experience.

Plone is one of the tools that we use for development here in CodeSyntax. And as there is World Plone Day, we also do celebrate that every year. In this occasion, the meeting of users and developers was balanced towards the user side, the customers that decide to make use of Plone to communicate in the Internet. So, the Plone Day was centered on these three experiendes:


Gorka Moral. OSHA

Gorka Moral, of EU-OSHA

The three ponents shared some ideas in their presentations, and also in the Q&A turns at the end. Mainly:

  1. Free software as a economically sound option, strong in performance and totally worth a try. In the case of OSHA, Gorka Moral stressed the idea that public administrations should be specally keen to public software, and not only use it, but return improvements to the community, and that's how they're behaving.
  2. Ease of use to manage websites, and particullarly, the great capabilities that Plone offers for multilingualism.
  3. In the event of a transition, from PHP or Microsoft's ASP technologies, there might be some difficulties, but once in the world of Python/Plone, nobody regreted the step.

CodeSyntax, our company, also explained some points, voiced by our engineer Mikel Larreategi. Particularly, how important is to be connected to the community. PloneConf meeting every year, they are important for us (this is Mikel's presentation).

CodeSyntax, World Plone Day 2012

In the Q&A session of the meeting there were questions about next versions of Plone and how the Plonesites will behave in mobile phones and tablets. As we all know, Plone's commitment to HTML5 is clear, and that's the way. The designers in CodeSyntax stressed that, with that basis, and developing with responsive design concepts, just one version that adapts to different Internet-consumption devices, Plone seems pretty well prepared to meet the demands of the next decade.

So, thank you to all the people that appeared; representatives from: the town councils of Amorebieta-Etxano, Eibar, Muskiz and Oñati; ELA sindikatua (a trade union) Asmoz (cultural foundation), Bilbao Kirolak, Larzep, Arteman, OSHA (the European agency), Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Ulma (industrial group), Langune cluster, Elgoibarko Izarra, K-Gigas Computers consultors from Cantabria, and also some independent profesionals.

World Plone Day sozializatzen
Besides there here, more photos online. The best of the pack were made by Jose Luis Irigoien, a fine photographer and IT services manager.

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