TMH - Public transport planner for mobile devices

Dec 15, 2010

TMH (Take Me Home) is the name for the public transport route planner we have developed. It is avalaible here:

TMH calculates the shortest route between two points using the public transport of the city and it is optimized to use in mobile devices with a web browser. This is a basic demo and it can be improved, but it works.


We have used the following components:

  • OpenTripPlanner: it is the kernel that generates the routings.
  • Django: it is used for data proccessing and in order to generate the mobile front-end.

Data sources

Routes are generated using the following data sources:

This first demo version is based in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz for two main reasons:

    • The quality of the OpenStreetMap data.
    • GTFS files were released by the City Council.

    How it works

    Try this planner with your mobile device visiting the following website:

    QR Code - TMH

    Type a starting and a destiny point, as well as when you want to trip. TMH will give you back the best public transport combination. Streets, suburbs, bus stops and other points of interest such as museums, pubs, companies, bars or restaurants can be selected as starting or destiny points.

    HTML5 gives us the option to geolocate automatically a user´s position and search for a route between his/her position and a certain destiny.

    As we said before, this is a demo application, so we will be very pleased to get your feedback (for example, throughout the contact form).

    This video shows how the planner works:


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