Oct 23, 2010
Umap is a Twitter-based product developed by CodeSyntax. It collects and processes all the tweets (or at least most of them) in a certain language.

We have just tried it with Basque language, but we hope that some other languages will be coming soon. You can see the Umap's Basque version at eu.umap.eu.

Argazkiak.org | Umap in Basque, in an iPad © cc-by-sa: sustatu

This is the first version of Umap, but it will have some new features soon. This application works with some automatic processes:

  1. An automatic method to detect Basque speaker Twitter users.
  2. Detect all the tweets of those users and distinguish the Basque tweets of those users.
  3. A method to take into consideration the most notable words and trends.

All this processes are not perfect, and we have to improve then. But, although we cannot be completly sure of its reliability, the results are correct.

We trust that our system is able to detect all the Basque language Twitter users. And if any of them is repetitively tweetting in another language, our system will automatically take that user off the list.

If anyone thinks that our system does not follow a Basque Twitter user, you can suggest users from this page; but it will be in vain if the suggested Twitter users does not tweett in Basque.

We think that we are following most of Basque Twitter users. We calcule that Umap is following 95% of Basque tweetts with the fist two processes.

The method that we use to choose trends is a complex and changeable algorithm, but it basically works with the next base:

  • one word, 1 point
  • one #hashtag, 10 points

We think that this simple calculation we can find some clues of the most important news.


This are Umap's first version's functions:

  • Constant tracking of words and trends; a calculation that is made each 10 minutes. We submit that information in the next ways: last trends, last 24 hours, last week and last month.
  • We save the most repeated trends of the last 24 hours in an archive.
  • You can participate from Umap: you can log in with your Twitter account, and you can Retweet or answer anybody from there.
  • Stats for each user that show how much Basque language uses each user.

    We think that if you are not in Twitter you are losing an interesting phenomenon of the communication and a very important information tool.

    If you use Twitter and you do it in Basque language, Umap will find you. And if you use it in other languages... Umap will find you, when we develop it for your language! ;-)


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