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World Plone Day 2014: we focused on industrial internationalization web strategies

World Plone Day was last wednesday, april the 30th, and as in previous occasions, we did celebrate it at CodeSyntax's offices, with some customers and Plone users of the Basque Country.

Journey to Brussels, thanks to our MEP and Plone

Luistxo Fernandez Dec 05, 2013
Last week, I traveled to the European Parliament in Brussels, invited by a Basque MEP, Inaki Irazabalbeitia. Mr. Irazabalbeitia was kind enought to invite a group of people involved in the promotion of the Basque langauge, and I happened to fit there, maybe also because we have made the MEP's website. And made it with truly European technology, so to speak.

Finally found a way to deploy a Plone site statically

Until now converting Plone into a bunch of HTML, CSS and JS files was a work to be done with wget or curl. You can now use stxnext.staticdeployment product, a handy product to convert your Plone site into static files. And even works with Dexterity. The "Plone Big Green Button" as described by Martin Aspeli, is a reality.

DjangoCon 2013, talks, tools and the circus

We attended DjangoCon 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, last week. A great experience. Godd vibes, connections and shared knowledge for us to keep working with Django. This framework and Plone, that great open CMS, are the main tools we use in CodeSyntax to develop web projects. Each conference that we attend confirms that we chose technologies well :-)

Right from the DjangoCon Circus

Jatsu Argarate May 16, 2013
We are two programmers from CodeSyntax here the DjangoCon in Warsaw, happy to be in this circus (yes, we are in a tent!). These are some of our notes from Day 1.

Basque trends, content and user rankings in Twitter: Umap

What is trending in Basque in Twitter? Twitter itself has not the answer. Although in the latest city deployment of Twitter trend locations there is Bilbao there (main Basque city), still it's not a good measure of our community. As a matter of fact, looks like Twitter only treats TT's geographically, not by language. Well, we built that tool for Basque:, tracking Basque trends, content and users in Twitter., robot curation for news aggregation

It's been three weeks since we launched, a news aggregator for Spain. Yesterday, I had the chance to speak about it at a the Master in Digital Journalism at IE Business School in Madrid, invited by professor Enrique Dans. Here's the presentation and some lines about Niagarank.

Sprinting on Plone at the Wine and Beer Sprint in Munich

From January 24 to 27, I've come to Munich (Germany) to participate in the Plone Wine and Beer Sprint, organized simultaneously in Cape Town (South Africa) and Munich.

Inspiring talks, European languages and technology

The Euskarabildua conference recently held in Donostia (the Basque Country) was an occasion to talk about Lesser Used Languages and technology. Inspiring talks by Davyth Hicks from the Eurolang network and Albert Cuesta from Catalonia.

Highlights of PloneConf 2012 in Arnhem

Back from the Plone Conference, here there are, the highlights of the 2012 meeting in Arnhem. Pyramid the framework, the advancement of Deco, tools for building strong frontpages for Plone websites, and the always interesting lightning talks.